Venue & Hours

Constitution Square

Bucharest, Romania

Opening Hours: 4pm to 12am

Ticketing FAQ

How can I get my ticket?

You have 2 options to get a Sound of Bucharest ticket. Register on and you will be randomly selected, or secure your place with a 3-day SAGA Festival ticket. (GA, VIP or Ravepit).

Are tickets expected to sell out?

Tickets will likely sell out, so get yours early! SAGA Festival ticket holders (3-day GA, VIP or Ravepit) will have the first option for Sound of Bucharest tickets. For the rest of the tickets, you need to register on this website and you will be randomly picked for a Sound of Bucharest ticket.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can register for?

You can only register for 1 ticket. 

What is included in my Sound of Bucharest ticket?

Your ticket includes a general admission access to the main event area.

Where is my ticket?

After registration we will send you a confirmation email after your order is processed. After the selection process you will soon receive your ticket on the email address you used for registration. For further questions, contact us at If you received an email confirmation saying that you've been selected, but you haven't received the ticket until 15th of September please contact our ticket partners at

Can I get access to Sound of Bucharest with a SAGA Festival ticket?

YES! A SAGA Festival ticket(3-day GA, VIP or Ravepit) gives you guaranteed access to Sound of Bucharest. After purchasing a SAGA ticket you will receive an email in which you have to confirm your Sound of Bucharest participation. Afterwards, you will get your ticket to Sound of Bucharest via email within a few days.

I have a ticket query that has not been resolved from the above FAQs, who should I contact?

Please contact us at

Is the attending at the event conditioned by COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19 testing?

If you have been fully vaccinated at least 10 days before the event, 25th September, you need to get your EU Digital COVID Certificate.   

If you don't have it yet, you can create it on the following link:  

Learn how to get your EU Digital COVID Certificate:  

You need to have a EU Digital COVID Certificate if:  

  • been vaccinated against COVID-19   
  • received a negative PCR test result (no older than 72 hours)  
  • received a negative Antigen Test (no older than 48 hours)  
  • recovered from COVID-19 (no more than 180 days ago)  

Only by presenting the QR Code of the EU Digital COVID Certificate you will be able to get your epidemiologic wristband which you need to enter the festival. If you’re not from EU, you need to show proof of vaccination at the entry of the festival and we will scan it. 

PCR Test Regulations 

If you want to receive a COVID check wristband to access the venue, via a PCR test, you need to do your PCR test no earlier than Thursday, September, 23 at any medical centers in Romania.   

With your safety in mind we've partnered up with Complet Medical, so we can offer you the best price in Romania for PCR testing.

Find out which Complete Medical Center is closest to you to you on the following link: 

If you wish to have the test taken on Saturday, 25th of September, you can do so at the venue with an extra-cost. You will need to have a Antigen test as well for the first day of the festival, until you'll get your negative PCR results.    

Antigen Test Regulations 

If you wish to take an Antigen test in order to gain access to the event you need to know the following:  

  • you can either take the test at any Complete Medical centre in Romania, prior to your arrival at the event, with the best price in Romania.
  • you can also have the test at the event's entry 

We strongly advise you to have the Antigen test taken before you arrive at the event's gates in order to avoid queues and get to experience the Sound of Bucharest longer. 


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